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October Newsletter!

23 Dhul Qadah 1431

Dear Students and Families,

Assalamu Allaykum,

We have had a super start to the school  year, el Hamdullilah.  I have enjoyed getting to know every student and I believe our rainbow explorers are ready for a full year of focused and disciplined learning, insha’Allah. Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned so far . . .


Language: We have begun learning how to communicate ideas.

Writing: First, we are practicing our handwriting skills – if our writing is neat, our ideas will be understood. Then, we have learned how to record our main ideas. The students enjoy sharing their activities from the weekend. We have also recorded science information, as well as classroom rules in our journals.

Oral/ Reading: We have been learning also how to recognize main ideas from the stories we share in class, and to be able to listen to each other to understand the meaning of what we hear.

Media Literacy: We have talked about the meaning of media – the places we get our information. We have had great fun learning how companies use commercials to communicate ideas (sometimes to trick us to buy their products) and all students got to practice making their own commercial for Co-co Crunch Cereal!


Math: Using games, hands-on activities, colouring and our math books, we have explored numbers to 30, ten-frames, number lines, ordinal numbers and one-to-one ratios. We begin a new unit on graphing, as mentioned in this week’s homework.

Science: Our chickpea seeds are growing wonderfully. Small stems have started to appear from the little seeds we have nestled in damp paper napkins. The children are excited to see the miracle of plant growth for themselves. We have studied plants and trees as part of our Living Things unit. We will soon take a closer look at the animal world with our little scientists, insha’Allah.

Social Studies: We have been talking about ourselves, and the students have created their own little booklets that tell about them – their likes, and fears, the things they are good at, the things they like to do. We have expanded from there to talk about our families, and creating family trees, and now we are exploring our neighbourhoods and the places that are important to us. We are learning the various rules and responsibilities associated with these.

Islamic Studies: The children are marveling at the wonders of Allah Subhan’wa Taala and His Marvelous creation. We have learned how He is the Creator, the Inventor, and the Shape-Maker and how to make dua’a  for healthy bodies and manners*. We have begun to learn about Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, and his search for the Creator.

Visual Art: The children adore using vibrant colours to express ideas and feelings. We have also combined other subjects into our work: science in our lovely leaf collages, and nutrition (Health) into our Healthy Plate Collages. We also used patterns and colours to decorate a folder for our storytelling worksheets.

Subject Teachers

Qur’an: In September, we reviewed all the short Suras that the students had already learned. Then we started and finished Surat Atteen. Now we are in the middle of Surat Al Alaq.  The students are enjoying the class.  Inshallah we’ll have a successful year! Tr. Samia

French:  We are finishing our first unit “Winter Clothes” and we read together the vocabulary related to this theme. We practiced writing the vocabulary as well as reading it. We learned new skills related to this theme and had lots of fun in the same time. I switched my role with students; I was the student and every student took his turn to be the teacher. It was a wonderful experience and I was amazed by the amount of the vocabulary the students got. Thank you for your cooperation! Tr Hala


Non-Arabic speakers:  Welcome to our Arabic Class Corner. This year Insha’Allah my students will have lots of fun and education in the Arabic subject. Students reviewed all the Arabic alphabets with all their related shapes, and Tashkeel , too. Our first lesson talked about ” Allah is the Creator” they learned new words and how to read and write them, and a new Nasheed related to the theme. The second lesson that we are working on now is ‘ Parts of the Body’, we started on the face parts and now on the body parts, students are working on reading and writing the new words as well as figuring the first and last letter of the word and writing them down and a new Nasheed too. Arabic homework folder will be sent home every Wednesday I expect to come back by the following Tuseday, or earlier if it’s done. Every homework is explained in class. Stay tuned for more exciting news.            Tr.Hoda

Arabic speakers: We completed our first unit “Allah huwa Al-Kahliq” (Allah is the Creator) and we are on our second unit “Ajzaa Al-jism” (Parts of the body).  Students practiced reading the vocabulary words correctly by sounding out the words.  Students also learned to recognize the beginning and ending sounds of the words we learned.  We worked on differentiating between the “fatha”, “kasra”, and “damma” in written and oral.  We practiced writing the words, keeping in mind the position of the letters in the words and on the line.  Students learned a nasheed related to the first unit and they are learning one for the second unit.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for following up with the homework.  Please practice orally and in written form, with your child, the letters of the alphabet with the different vowel sounds, “fatha”, “damma”, and “kasra”. Tr. Salam

Special Notes

Congratulations to the Student of the Month (Following Rules):

Omar Dahrouj

Next month, I will look for the student who shows a helpful attitude.

*Special Dua’a for October: Please practice saying this supplication with your child in front of the mirror.

“Allahuma Hasin Khuluqi kama hassanti Khalqi”. Transl. “Oh Allah, give me good manners as you have given me a nice shape.”

Upcoming Events

Two P.D. Days

There will be no school for the students    on Friday, November 12th and 26th.


Scholastic Book Fair & Hajj Workshop

5th and 6th of November: Scholastic  book fair.

10th of November:  Hajj Workshop, insha’Allah!

Jazakum-Allah kheir!!!

Thank you all for your support for the Terry Fox Run, the school collected over $1400.  For the victims to Pakistan we collected over $1600 and we are still collecting.


Let’s play Rainbow Explorers

Updates from somewhere over the rainbow!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

A few quick notes:

I am still waiting for green assessment folders to return, insha’Allah. If you have not signed and sent it back to me, please do so as soon as possible so that I may continue to include work used in assessing the children.

Today (Tuesday) homework was due. Please be sure that your child brings his/her homework on time.  Students will get a Late mark for any work that is not handed in on time. It is important to teach the importance of deadlines early on!

New homework will go home on Wednesday. Please be sure to ask your child about the latest story that we have read with Sr. Madlien who is kindly reading to us every 2 weeks.  The latest story should be narrated to parents and written into the story log as soon as possible while it is still fresh in the children’s minds!

French homework is due next Tuesday as well.

Other notes about homework:

Please be sure to include the homework notebook and story log in your child’s folder. If you do not find it when you receive the folder, it is because it was not returned to school with the homework and must be at home or in the student’s bag.

* * *

If you have signed up your child to try out for the Annual Talent Show, please remember that auditions are this Saturday. See the office for further details.


Thursday is no litter days. Also, please be aware that I am asking children to take any plastic disposable containers home to recycle as the school currently recycles paper only.

Pizza day this Friday.

Next Tuesday is Toonie Tuesday (the first Tuesday of every month). The money is raised by the Parents Support Committee to help pay for school necessities. Send $2 with your child and they don’t have to wear uniform!  A nice break for everyone!

A class newsletter will be posted on the blog shortly, insha’Allah. The newsletter will outline the work done in all subjects during the month of October.

Finally, please tell your child that the secret password I have left on the blog is: rainbow.  This is to encourage all students to ask their parents whether or not they have read their email or checked the blog to find the latest updates.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your patience and support. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Tr. Amira


October Assessment / Homework

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Kind,

Assalamu Allaykum Dear Parents,

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for all students for bringing their homework back. Almost everyone was on time! Today there will be a new homework sent home and it will be due next Tuesday, insha’Allah.

Also sent home, is the October Assessment for your child, based on my observations for the past month and a half or so.

Here is a note on behalf of myself and Tr. Asma’a from Grade 1A & 1B:

Wednesday, October 19th 2010

Re: Assessment/Evaluation Tool


Dearest Parents,

We are glad to say that we have had a successful beginning to our school year in grade one. Things have been going well, walhamdulillah!

We have been busy getting used to getting used to our daily routines, understanding and following our classroom rules, working together as a big family, and helping each other overcome certain struggles.

In grade one the students go through many adjustments to their school day. They move from a socially structures senior kindergarten class to a more academic grade one. A grade where is no more naps, no more playing (or not as much), a grade where you are expected to pay attention for longer spans of time, a grade where there is lots of work, and higher expectations.

To give you an idea of where your child stands, we have come up with a simple, and easy to understand assessment/evaluation tool.

Please do take a look at this tool and try to understand the areas in which your child needs assistance and support.

Please do keep in mind that this is only a first assessment at the beginning of grade one, and there is plenty of time for improvement, inshallah!

It is important that you encourage your child to do their best at all times, and to let them know that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, in fact it is from our mistakes that we learn. Also, please do remind your child not be shy to ask for help when he or she needs it.

Working together we can make this a successful year for your child, a year where he or she will be having fun learning skills.

Please feel free to contact us via email or by phone at (613) 820-0044 if you have any questions, suggestions, or/and concerns.

Teachers Amira & Asma’a


Please note that I have put a sample of worksheets in a green folder with the assessment for you to look at and get an idea of the quality of your child’s work at this stage. I based the writing, reading and oral assessment on Journal Writing, A Reading evaluation based on a simple text, as well as the ME Box presentations. If you wish to speak about the assessment, please send me an email or phone me for a brief chat.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran again for your assistance. 

Tr. Amira

p.s. DON’T FORGET “NO-LITTER THURSDAYS!!” Please pack snacks and lunch with a minimum amount of trash as any garbage goes home to remind students to take care of the environment! Thank you.

Quick note: Bake sale postponed

Assalamu Allaykum parents,

Please note that  because tomorrow is “no litter” Thursday, the second bake sale will take place on Friday, insha’Allah.

Thank you.


Homework tonight

Assalamu Allaykum dear Parents,

Tonight  you will find a homework package with your child. It is due next week.

Please note this correction:

Our class is studying Science this term along with social studies, however there is no related homework in this package.


Other important notes:


With the homework, there will be a lovely print page from one of Sr. Rukhsana Khan’s books, “My Big Red Lollipop.” This is meant as a souvenir for the children as the pages are signed. Please keep it in a safe place – framed, or in a scrapbook for future memories and to show the value of stories.


Finally, some students will be coming home with their Spelling Workout Workbooks. Students are required to complete all pages up until page 20 of their book for tomorrow. Always return textbooks the next day for in-class use, please and thank you.

I appreciate your time and attention.

Tr. Amira


Bake Sale Tomorrow / No Uniform

Assalamu Allaykum dear Parents!!

Thank you to those of you who returned the homework today. It is important for the students to learn the value of timeliness.  Parents who did not have any flyers to use  can ask their child to draw the pictures of the 2 foods from each food group.

Second, tomorrow and Thursday, there will be bake sales in the gym to raise money for the victims of the Pakistani flood. Please send some money ($2-3) for your child to purchase something yummy.

Another way that students are being asked to donate is by not wearing a uniform tomorrow and bringing $2. Teachers will be wearing uniforms instead!! So a total of $5 dollars with your child, separated in the right amounts for ease tomorrow (Wednesday). And a couple of dollars more on Thursday. Participation is voluntary!


Finally, all parents should have received a book form in their emails from Principal Nouha. If you would like to order any books for your child, please fill out the form and return it by Friday, insha’Allah.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your attention.

Tr. Amira

Important Dates:

October 13 – Homework goes home.

October 19 – Homework due.

October 20 – Mid-Term Assessment goes home (Grade 1A & B only).

TBA- Field Trip (currently in planning stages. The students earned it with their happy marbles! Good work!)


Fun & Educational Internet Sites!


*please monitor your child’s internet use :  ) Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and enjoy!

I eat healthy! Nutrition Project & Important Notes

Assalamu Allaykum parents and students!

Today students will be bringing home all sorts of information on healthy eating. The students are super explorers with being healthy!  They will help mom and dad learn all about the food groups. Please encourage them to check off what the family eats daily (there is also a space for writing down everyone’s duties in the kitchen!)

After exploring all the information with their families, for their project students will find pictures of  at least 2 kinds  of food from each of the four food groups. Students should look for pictures online or find them in regular grocery flyers.

Students should cut out the pictures and stick them into the homework notebooks provided today.  In their best handwriting, with assistance, they write down the name of the foods chosen and the name of the food group at the top of the page.

This will be due on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, insha’Allah.


Reading Log: At the back of your child’s homework notebook, please keep a record with your child of the books your child reads with you (even if parent reads the whole book, that counts!). Every book will be marked on our Reading Poster to help encourage the children.  Include the date, title, and author. (Parents can write it out for their child).



Students are memorizing Ayahs 1-3, Surat- Al-Alaq.

They should also review Surat-al-Teen


A list of vocabulary words was sent home this week, please review with your child.



– Grades 1A & B will be working together to ensure that students from both grades are covering the same material. There may be some times where there are differences, but overall Long Term Plans and Unit Plans are the same.

Purchasing a special cloth folder for your child’s homework. Some classes have purchased vinyl folders for homework. I find these very useful for students. If you would like me to purchase this for your child,  please send me a note, and I will do so by October 18th, insha’Allah, provided that I find them. The cost is just over one dollar from what I understand and I will confirm this with interested parents. If you purchase one for your child, it becomes that child’s property.



If possible, please try to send a white or blue hijab with your daughter for prayer.


There’s always a lot of news to share, so stay tuned!

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and please email me to seek clarification!

Tr. Amira