I eat healthy! Nutrition Project & Important Notes

Assalamu Allaykum parents and students!

Today students will be bringing home all sorts of information on healthy eating. The students are super explorers with being healthy!  They will help mom and dad learn all about the food groups. Please encourage them to check off what the family eats daily (there is also a space for writing down everyone’s duties in the kitchen!)

After exploring all the information with their families, for their project students will find pictures of  at least 2 kinds  of food from each of the four food groups. Students should look for pictures online or find them in regular grocery flyers.

Students should cut out the pictures and stick them into the homework notebooks provided today.  In their best handwriting, with assistance, they write down the name of the foods chosen and the name of the food group at the top of the page.

This will be due on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, insha’Allah.


Reading Log: At the back of your child’s homework notebook, please keep a record with your child of the books your child reads with you (even if parent reads the whole book, that counts!). Every book will be marked on our Reading Poster to help encourage the children.  Include the date, title, and author. (Parents can write it out for their child).



Students are memorizing Ayahs 1-3, Surat- Al-Alaq.

They should also review Surat-al-Teen


A list of vocabulary words was sent home this week, please review with your child.



– Grades 1A & B will be working together to ensure that students from both grades are covering the same material. There may be some times where there are differences, but overall Long Term Plans and Unit Plans are the same.

Purchasing a special cloth folder for your child’s homework. Some classes have purchased vinyl folders for homework. I find these very useful for students. If you would like me to purchase this for your child,  please send me a note, and I will do so by October 18th, insha’Allah, provided that I find them. The cost is just over one dollar from what I understand and I will confirm this with interested parents. If you purchase one for your child, it becomes that child’s property.



If possible, please try to send a white or blue hijab with your daughter for prayer.


There’s always a lot of news to share, so stay tuned!

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and please email me to seek clarification!

Tr. Amira

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