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Field Trip Forms, $$ and volunteers

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

An important reminder for anyone who has not yet sent the permission slips and money for Thursday’s field trip, insha’Allah:

Please do so as soon as possible. Also, do not send money without a permission slip! Both are necessary!

Finally, we have two volunteers, el Hamdullilah, but we need one more please! Thank you to those who have volunteered so far.


Tr. Amira

p.s. Our class has won Green Thursday three times so far!Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for encouraging students to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


No school on Friday! Other notes. . .

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Please remember that tomorrow is a PD Day! Teachers only will be at school, while students get a much needed break from a very busy and hectic week.

Also, every student should have received a field trip note (second page of the homework). Please be sure that you fill it out and return it with the required payment on Monday, to allow us to prepare for our Thursday trip, insha’Allah.

Other important news:

We have had several stars of the week to date: Fatima; Hajar; Rayyan; Rama. This week, our star of the week (showing excellent listening behaviour, helping, etc.) is Sulayman. Congratulations to everyone, masha’Allah.

All of our rainbow explorers will be stars, insha’Allah!

Monthly newsletter will be sent out next week, insha’Allah. Check your calendars for other important dates (sent with homework number 5).

Take care and enjoy the weekend,

Tr. Amira


Ask your child about his/ her cereal project! We’re having a lot of fun! Here are some of the characters they have used on their boxes:

Media Literacy: In-class activities & Links for parents below

Assalamu Allaykum,

The following images are meant for in-class use.

We are discussing media messages for Media Literacy and I will be using these images and sites to explain to the children the ways in which companies that sell products will try to make their products attractive so that kids will want to buy them.

We are focusing on cereal, and we will be making our own cereal boxes in class this week. This relates to the online work on cereal commercials that we did earlier this term (the related website is located on the left of the page).

At the end of this page, you will find a link for parents for an excellent documentary on children & advertising that I highly recommend parents watch (though it is as long as a regular movie so be sure you have time to watch it all at once, or watch a little bit regularly, depending on your schedule.  It is worth watching, and discussing with your child later on.)

These activities are related to the Ontario curriculum’s Media Literacy component, and is relevant throughout the elementary curriculum for higher grades as well.

Thank you for your support.

Tr. Amira




Documentary: Consuming Kids

Thank you!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Quick note to thank all of those who were able to send treats for our Eid party! We had so much that we were able to share with other students and teachers, masha’Allah.

I do hope the students enjoyed themselves.

Insha’Allah I’ll be handing out homework again on Wednesday. In the meantime, please encourage your children to read and practice their counting to 100 whenever you have some free time.


Tr. Amira

Eid Mubarek! & Message about the party

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents and students,

Hope you are enjoying Eid. I look forward to seeing everyone back tomorrow insha’Allah, though I know some of you will be away until next week.

For those of attending school this week, please note that the principal has asked classroom teachers to hold the Eid parties during the final two periods on Friday.

So please send any treats you can on Friday.  However, if you have already prepared something, I can leave it in the school fridge until the party if you prefer.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Kol ‘am wantom bi kheir. May every celebration bring you and your family much happiness.


Tr. Amira

p.s.  Be sure to save the school calendar attached to your child’s homework for important dates!

Quick announcements

Assalamu Allaykum to all,

Tomorrow is a PD Day which means teachers come to school for training, while students can stay home with family or caregivers, insha’Allah.

We return to school on Monday, and then have Tuesday and Wednesday off for Eid.

On Thursday we will have an Eid party, insha’Allah. The children have compiled a wish list of items they would like to bring. See below. If you can bring something please send me a note in the comment section below so that everyone can see what we are bringing.

Also, please note that I will be picking up, insha’Allah, little Hajj booklets for students who are interested. The cost is $2. So far, we have orders for two. If your child would like one, please send the amount on Monday and I will try to have them ready for Thursday.

Finally, tonight there is a special chance to see a spaceship! Read on . . .

Wed Nov 10, 9:12 PM
By Tom Spears
OTTAWA — Thursday night will be an unusually good chance to show your kids a spaceship, as the International Space Station passes high overhead just after 6 p.m.
It will be easy to see with the naked eye, as the white walls and metal panels of the station reflect the sun just as darkness is falling on Earth. The forecast is for clear skies.
The station, with a crew of six, will appear at 6:02 p.m. low in the sky, to the west northwest. (Find due west, then go a bit to the north.)
It will be visible for three minutes until it disappears into Earth’s shadow in the southeastern sky, before reaching the far horizon. During that overhead pass it will reach 84 degrees of elevation — almost directly overhead. (Straight up is 90 degrees.)
The station is the colour of a star, but brighter. It moves quickly and silently, travelling about 400 kilometres above the Earth, at nearly 28,000 km an hour.
The station is often visible just after sunset or just before sunrise, making this time of year a good time to show the kids a spaceship before bedtime. It always appears somewhere in the west and travels to somewhere in the east, but the exact course appears to change as Earth revolves under it.

Rainbow Explorers Eid Wish List

(This Wish List was compiled during our Math Unit on Taking surveys. The children had to think of questions that had a yes / no answer and had to survey their classmates on what they would like to have at their Eid Party! Teacher’s wish list would include some healthier snacks like crackers, veggies and fruits so please feel free to send healthy choices, too! )

cupcakes; chocolate ; candy; orange juice; mango juice; gingerbread men, loot bags.

They also requested that the party be held outside, and that there would be a movie!

We will all do our best to fulfill their hopes for this Eid-ul-Adha, insha’Allah. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your support and cooperation and the best to all of you this holiday.

Tr. Amira

p.s. if you send anything requiring plates/ cups  or cutlery, please send it along as well as we do not have any at the moment in the classroom.

Story Contest & Other notes

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

The end of another week, el HamdullilahInsha’Allah the children had a wonderful time learning and sharing!

Today I have sent home the outline in which each student has drawn the main elements of their story. With your help, the students are to say their stories to you so that you may write it down in their homework on the two blank pages.  The students can use their worksheet to guide them, or they can make up a new story. Just be sure that they have:

Characters – Setting – Event – Problem – Solution  so that the story makes sense and is interesting. Remember they are little, so we are not expecting Shakespeare! :  )

Please remember to fill out the application that is to go with each contest entry, including names, and a little about the author ! Please return all folders on Tuesday with the homework.

The students also have bookmarks that you can use at home whenever you are reading a story to highlight the main parts of a story to reinforce the children’s learning.

Enjoy listening to your child’s story! Have a good weekend!

Wa’Salamu Allaykum

P.S. We also heard our story for the story log today. It was called Max’s Words. But you do not need to record it for this week’s homework.

Quick notes: Homework / Warnings

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Insha’Allah I will keep this brief as I know everyone is busy.

It has come to my attention that some students are spending almost an hour on homework, at least on some nights. While there are numerous reasons why this is happening (children work at different speeds, there may be numerous things to do for other subjects like Arabic or French), I feel it is important to note that the following are the guidelines for the amount of homework a child should have (based on  professional recommendations):

Students from JK – SK should spend approximately 30 minutes of homework per week.

Students in grade 1 – 2 should spend approximately 30 minutes of homework per day.

Students in grade 3 – 4 should spend approximately 45 minutes of homework per day.

Students in grade 5 – 6 should spend approximately an hour of homework per day.

Students in grade 7 – 8 should spend approximately 90 minutes of homework per day.

It is important to note that spending lots and lots of time on homework does not guarantee academic success. On the contrary, studies are showing that too much homework can have some harmful affects on the home environment and student’s learning. An example of just one article on the subject linked below:

So, please do as much as you can with your child, with a 30 minute limit for each night. I will not penalize any child for incomplete homework. I just want to know that the child has done as much as he/she can. (If a child enjoys the homework, or likes to do more, of course, that is okay too. But no pressure, especially at this sensitive age!)

* * *


Warnings: Teachers are letting students know that they are stepping out of line through the use of warnings. When children repeatedly misbehave (ignoring rules, playing or speaking inappropriately), I will tell them they have their “first warning”. Once a child receives 3 warnings, they will spend the next recess inside the office while their classmates enjoy themselves. I will also contact parents to let them know. If we begin to see a pattern of misbehaviour, I will ask parents to come in to discuss a strategy on how to address the issue.  Insha’Allah, I do not anticipate this being a problem, however, it is important that we are working together to remind children of the importance of respect to authority figures, and of their classmates learning environment.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your time and please don’t hesitate to email me or phone with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Tr. Amira

Upcoming: Toonie Tuesday – November 2nd. $2 for no uniform.

Scholastic Book Fair (corrected date – November 4 & 5 ) all day in the school library on Thursday and Friday this week. Parents are welcome to come and purchase items for their child, or send an amount of money sealed in a plastic ziplock bag with the amount and the child’s name written inside on a small sheet of paper.