Quick notes: Homework / Warnings

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Insha’Allah I will keep this brief as I know everyone is busy.

It has come to my attention that some students are spending almost an hour on homework, at least on some nights. While there are numerous reasons why this is happening (children work at different speeds, there may be numerous things to do for other subjects like Arabic or French), I feel it is important to note that the following are the guidelines for the amount of homework a child should have (based on  professional recommendations):

Students from JK – SK should spend approximately 30 minutes of homework per week.

Students in grade 1 – 2 should spend approximately 30 minutes of homework per day.

Students in grade 3 – 4 should spend approximately 45 minutes of homework per day.

Students in grade 5 – 6 should spend approximately an hour of homework per day.

Students in grade 7 – 8 should spend approximately 90 minutes of homework per day.

It is important to note that spending lots and lots of time on homework does not guarantee academic success. On the contrary, studies are showing that too much homework can have some harmful affects on the home environment and student’s learning. An example of just one article on the subject linked below:


So, please do as much as you can with your child, with a 30 minute limit for each night. I will not penalize any child for incomplete homework. I just want to know that the child has done as much as he/she can. (If a child enjoys the homework, or likes to do more, of course, that is okay too. But no pressure, especially at this sensitive age!)

* * *


Warnings: Teachers are letting students know that they are stepping out of line through the use of warnings. When children repeatedly misbehave (ignoring rules, playing or speaking inappropriately), I will tell them they have their “first warning”. Once a child receives 3 warnings, they will spend the next recess inside the office while their classmates enjoy themselves. I will also contact parents to let them know. If we begin to see a pattern of misbehaviour, I will ask parents to come in to discuss a strategy on how to address the issue.  Insha’Allah, I do not anticipate this being a problem, however, it is important that we are working together to remind children of the importance of respect to authority figures, and of their classmates learning environment.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your time and please don’t hesitate to email me or phone with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Tr. Amira

Upcoming: Toonie Tuesday – November 2nd. $2 for no uniform.

Scholastic Book Fair (corrected date – November 4 & 5 ) all day in the school library on Thursday and Friday this week. Parents are welcome to come and purchase items for their child, or send an amount of money sealed in a plastic ziplock bag with the amount and the child’s name written inside on a small sheet of paper.



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