Story Contest & Other notes

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

The end of another week, el HamdullilahInsha’Allah the children had a wonderful time learning and sharing!

Today I have sent home the outline in which each student has drawn the main elements of their story. With your help, the students are to say their stories to you so that you may write it down in their homework on the two blank pages.  The students can use their worksheet to guide them, or they can make up a new story. Just be sure that they have:

Characters – Setting – Event – Problem – Solution  so that the story makes sense and is interesting. Remember they are little, so we are not expecting Shakespeare! :  )

Please remember to fill out the application that is to go with each contest entry, including names, and a little about the author ! Please return all folders on Tuesday with the homework.

The students also have bookmarks that you can use at home whenever you are reading a story to highlight the main parts of a story to reinforce the children’s learning.

Enjoy listening to your child’s story! Have a good weekend!

Wa’Salamu Allaykum

P.S. We also heard our story for the story log today. It was called Max’s Words. But you do not need to record it for this week’s homework.

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