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Have a good break!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents & students!

Insha’Allah I hope the next two weeks will be pleasant for everyone. El Hamdullilah it is good to have a break after such a busy few months.

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement for this first term. El Hamdullilah the Rainbow Explorers have had a blast! Today, they wowed Grade 1A and SK students with the recital of three poems they had memorized at the beginning of the term. Well done!

Every student has also now been Star of the Week! Masha’Allah they really were making an effort to follow rules, and do good work, so congratulations to everyone.  We also filled the happy marbles jar again today!!

The students made goodbye cards for our French teacher, Teacher Hala who will not be returning after the break. We wish her well and look forward to a capable replacement, insha’Allah.

Also today, the children will have come home with their cereal boxes full of various school work. This work represents various activities done throughout the term, however, please  note that we have special folders for Science, Math and Language that are more formal examples of their work. These will be showcased insha’Allah next term when the parents are invited for a special evening for students to display their achievements – more to come on that later!

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and if there is anything I can help with, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Wa’Salamu Allaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh,

Tr. Amira



Cereal Commercial

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Tomorrow insha’Allah we will be filming our cereal commercials. If your child would like to bring any costume or related props for their role, they may do so, but they must have their uniforms on, insha’Allah.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran,

Tr. Amira

p.s. remember that tomorrow is early dismissal at 1 p.m.

Parent-Teacher schedule so far

Assalamu Allaykum parents,

I will send the confirmations with your child today. For those parents who are still planning to send in a form because they have concerns about their child’s learning, please take note of my schedule up until now:


4:00-4:15    booked 
4:15-4:30     booked
4:30-4:45     booked
4:45-5:00     prayer
5:00-5:15     booked
5:15-5:30     booked
6:00-6:15     booked

Jazak’Allau Kheiran,

Tr. Amira

p.s. remember to bring some extra change for the bake sale during the conferences.

Parent-teacher’s meeting

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Super-quick note:

As you know there will be parent-teacher meetings on Wednesday, December 15.   As a parent myself, I have often thought that it was a must for me to go and meet my children’s teachers.  And while I welcome all parents,  if you are comfortable with your child’s learning, you do not need to book an interview, or you can book an interview with a specific teacher, not necessarily all of them if you are only interested in finding out about a particular subject.

(The public schools actually recommend that only parents who have specific concerns about their child’s progress attend parent-teacher meetings. )

So it is entirely up to you.  If you would like to come, send in the slips as soon as possible. If the time is inconvenient, we can book another time that works better with your schedule, either in person during school hours or shortly thereafter, or on the telelphone.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and feel free to send any questions or comments, insha’Allah.

Tr. Amira

Report Cards Today & Holiday playdates

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Report cards are going home today insha’Allah. All students have been requested to wait until they are home to open their reports and look at them with their parents.

El Hamdullilah, our entire class has done quite well considering that it is the first term of grade one. The marks will reflect the efforts the students have made in the respective subjects.  While the marks may be generous, as the work gets more difficult as the year progresses, marks may reflect the added challenges.

Overall, please keep a positive attitude whenever discussing your child’s report card with him or her. If they are finding difficulty in a subject, it means that it is up to us to help them improve. They need encouragement and positive feedback in order to remain motivated and excited.

Holiday playdates

I always encourage parents who are staying in town over the holidays to invite one or two classmates to their homes to play with their child (or meetoutside together). This helps build stronger bonds of friendship between the students and helps them to develop their social skills because there isn’t always enough time at school for them to play together and socialize one-on-one.

Please let me know if there is a student who you would like to have their contact information and I can arrange. I can also recommend students who would be suitable playmates for your child (compatible personalities, etc.). Just write me a note on the homework for this request.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran,

Tr. Amira

December Newsletter

  **SPECIAL NOTE : Homework will be sent on Thursday insha’Allah, due to technical repairs on the photocopier machine. Students can spend time practicing their reading skills tonight, or playing language/ math games on the blog**

Friday, December 10 – 3 Muharram 1432


 Dear Students and Families,

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Teacher’s Message

Subhan’Allah, how quickly Term 1 has gone by. Three months of learning, fun, and sharing have passed us by and I believe the students have grown accustomed to the routines and expectations of grade 1. Let’s take a look at all we’ve done this past month.



We have been “reading for meaning, writing and listening to understand,” as well as continuing “to understand and analyze media texts and messages”.

 Integrated Project: Buy our cereal!

As the students will excitedly tell you, we have created our own cereal boxes, cereal names, characters and will be creating our own commercials just before the holidays, insha’Allah.

Our project combined all the skills we’d been learning in the four strands of Language, mentioned above. The children have learned to communicate ideas amongst themselves, choosing their favourite flavours and characters for their boxes. We learned how to write for an audience (aiming our marketing at other children), as well as reading for meaning in deciding what kind of catchy phrases we would use.

The oral component will be nurtured over the next week and a half, when the students will create their own commercials for their cereal, insha’Allah.

Math: As we wrapped up our unit on graphing (data management), we also integrated our cereal project here. To decide what kind of flavour and what kind of character each group would use, they conducted their own surveys – creating their own questions, and doing a tally chart and graph to determine their results.

We did many other hands-on games using fun objects like stuffed animals and pairs of socks to figure out how to sort and group collections to create understandable graphs. Our next unit will be on measuring mass and capacity.

Science: Our unit on living things culminated in a wonderful field trip to the Museum of Nature where the children were immersed in the wonder of the animal kingdom. Our workshop got the kids zipping around the mammals section at the museum, where they learned the stories of various Canadian mammals through their footprints. The children also watched a BBC movie focusing on Fish (part of the Earth series). It was a great way to end our look at Living Things! We now prepare to begin a new unit.

 Social Studies: Look around our school and you will see the work of our 1st graders. They worked as groups to create rules for the various parts of the school. Check the gym, library, hallways, doors, and computer lab to see the rules associated with the various activities undertaken by all students throughout the day. From there, we have begun creating a little booklet about the school which will include the names and roles of the various staff members at Abraar School. The students themselves will be inviting our principal, librarian, custodian, etc., to come to our classroom so that we may interview them about their jobs at school, and the rules they maintain. It’s a hands-on way to learn about how to gather information from primary sources, as part of their curriculum expectations.

Islamic Studies: We continue to learn about our Creator. We learned how God is one, and have discussed and shared reflections about the blessings of Allah Subhan’wa Taala. This week, we will celebrate the beginning of the Islamic New Year, insha’Allah.

Visual Art: We used diagonal, horizontal, vertical lines to create the background for our cereal boxes. We also used curly, loopy, zig zag and broken lines to decorate our box. The children’s learning about line culminated in a wonderful activity coordinated with Parent Volunteer Tr. Madlien where the children used all that they had learned about lines to create space creatures. Look for these in our hallways soon.

Subject Teachers

Qur’an: In November, we finished surat Al Alaq and we’re starting surat AShareh.  In every Quran class we review suras taken this year. -Tr. Samia


During the month of November, we learned the conjugation of the verbs to wear and to do with at least three pronouns. We applied knowledge of the colors to the vocabulary of the unit “the winter clothing”. We learned many adverbs and we applied them to the same unit as well. Thank you for your cooperation! Tr Hala

Arabic (non- speakers):  This month students learned the second part of the body parts, and how to read and write the new words. In addition they learned new lesson about “Clothes”, and a new Nasheed related to the theme too, they practiced writing the date and the new words and how to stay on line in their Arabic note books. Masha’Allah they’re doing a good job. Please make sure that your child is doing his/her homework, and return the Arabic folder on time it is really important. Jazakum AllKheiran.                                                          Tr. Hoda

 Arabic speakers: We completed all the lessons related to “Ajzaa Al Jism” unit (parts of the body). The students had a chance to learn vocabulary related to the lesson. We practiced how to sound out the vocabulary words, in order to be able to read and write them. We looked closely at the letters that make up each word, making sure we are able to read them with the different vowel sounds. Students are always taught to read by sounding out the letters of the words, not by memorizing the way the word look. Alhamdulillah, the class is doing well overall. We thank you for taking the time to assist your child in his/her homework. Jazakum-Allah kheir! Tr. Salam

 Special Notes

 Congratulations to the Student of the Month (Following Rules):  Rama Aldirbashi

 Stars of the week are posted weekly on the blog.

 Special thanks to Br. Khaled and Sr. Shazima (Abdurahman and Duaa’s parents) for volunteering for our field trip. Also, continuing thanks to Sr. Madlien for her regular visits to tell us stories, as well as to guide us through artistic projects!

 Coming up:

 December 10 Report Cards

December 17 Last day of school

January 3rd School resumes

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran, and may your days be full of remembrance and gratefulness to our Creator! Remember to check out our classroom blog


Weekend fun!

Assalamu Allaykum parents,

First of all, we had a great time on our field trip. Thanks to our volunteers, and to all the parents for their support! Pictures coming soon, insha’Allah.

Please find several number games and data management games that will help your child in math.

The final activity (graphing) will need parent support.

Enjoy the weekend!

Tr. Amira

p.s. congrats to this weeks stars of the week: Lyan, Noor, Suhayb and Jaiyana! Great classroom behaviour! Masha’Allah! Everyone will be a star!!



(the game above gets harder as you go up in level)


Please check homework folder

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

You will find information about tomorrow’s field trip, as well as the school newsletter. Class newsletters with updates on curriculum will be sent out next week, insha’Allah.

Reminder: everyone should be wearing their uniform, but no need for snowsuits from the start of the day because we will have a quick snack and depart with our jackets right away in the morning.

I still need one more volunteer for tomorrow. If you think you can come, please email me (my email address is written in the homework).

Another note, some time ago, I offered to purchase cloth folders from the dollar store. However, I was unable to find enough so I sent back the amount with students who had paid in advance.  Please let me know if you did not receive it.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your support.

Tr. Amira