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Science Project Reminder

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Just to remind you that the science project is due next Tuesday insha’Allah.

Please refer to the Homework sheet for the explanation, and also, please read the attached rubric that explains what is expected.

1 – Simple design of a structure that would be a suitable home for an animal in the winter.

2 – Draw the design in very basic way, with simple sentences to explain how to put it together. Draw it on a simple poster (available at the dollar store).

3- Bring related materials to class with the poster (materials can include construction paper, cardboard, fabrics, empty tissue paper boxes, toilet rolls, foil, plastic wrap, etc.)

4 – In class, put together the structure using tape or glue, according to the plan.

5 – Explain the final product to the class, based on our weather unit. As we have also begun talking about structures (stability, use for structures, materials needed, etc.), the students can talk about those aspects as well.

Please email me if you need any further clarifications. The rubric does explain a lot.

Finally, remember this should be a simple project which should not take too long to prepare, but that allows the students to plan, design and implement basic steps to meet the requirements of the project.

Most of all, enjoy spending the time with your child ! :  )

Tr. Amira


A few updates

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

I pray everyone is doing well, insha’Allah!


Just to remind you that tomorrow is Photo Day. Please be sure your son or daughter looks their very best (uniforms only!).

Also, there will be no school on Friday for a PD Day and also Monday will be a provincial holiday, Family Day!

The MS Read-a-thon deadline for returning the sponsorship envelopes is Tuesday, the 22nd of February. Please encourage your child to finish up their reading and collect whatever they can to help this important cause, insha’Allah.

I have asked students to bring a toy to school tomorrow that they will write about as we are learning about details (adjectives) in our writing.

Finally, spelling test is tomorrow morning. The spelling words are, as you know: hit , big, win, fill, this , did

Have a great week and please be sure to return the JUMP MATH order and cash if you have not done so already. Confirmation slips were sent home today.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran,

Tr. Amira

Class Newsletter for January!

  29 Safar 1432

 Dear Students and Families,

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

 Term 2 is in full swing and we’ve had a great time diving right back into work after the winter break. We have emphasized group work, and the students have put in the following rules into place so that everyone would enjoy teamwork:


  1. Share Ideas
  2. Listen
  3. Be kind
  4. Compromise
  5. Work hard
  6. Take turns

Please talk about these with your child, and encourage them to practice them at home, too!



Language: We have been writing short texts about different topics like how to avoid frostbite in cold weather (integrated with our health unit), how to stay safe when playing outside, and to write about our weekends.

 We have also begun learning about the 5 W’s + 1 (What, Who, When, Where, Why and How?) to help us organize our writing. We have been reading different kind of texts including fictional text (our bi-weekly stories), as well as non-fictional texts related to other subjects like Science.


For the oral component of our curriculum, we have been speaking for an audience through our weather presentations (related to Media Literacy & Science). We have also practiced think-pair-share in which students think about a topic, share the idea with a partner, and then speak to the larger group about their thoughts.


Math: We had a great time learning the capacity and mass of objects through a variety of games and workbook exercises. We had a weighing centre in the classroom full of all sorts of items to weigh using two scales. The children become masters at this!


We then moved on to our current unit on Time and Money in which we have made our own clocks, told stories related to both counting money and telling the time. We played an excellent game of trading pennies & nickels for dimes that the students thoroughly enjoyed. We’ll be wrapping up this unit soon, to move on to other math topics!

Science: We are wrapping up our unit called “Earth Watch” where we have had great fun talking about thermometers, temperatures, seasons, the sun and earth. We made sun dials, drew our shadows outside (a bit tricky with snow on the ground!), and explored our own daily cycles, as well as the seasonal cycle. Our final project included creating group posters where each student made a collage of scenes related to their season. They brought in clothing and items that would be used in their season and presented their ideas to the class. They spoke clearly and shared their understanding of the fall and rise of the mercury on thermometers, the way animals and humans change their behaviour according to the season, and how the earth’s relationship to the sun changes in order to bring about a new season. 

 Social Studies: We completed our book on our school, asking questions and drawing conclusions about rules and responsibilities. We then began to explore our Local Community to understand all the different roles that various community helpers and institutions play (libraries, police and fire stations, hospitals, etc.) Through storytelling, drawing, reading and writing, the students will become familiar with the people and places that make up their community.

Islamic Studies: We continue to learn about the Prophet Muhammad’s life, may peace be upon him, through stories, read-aloud, games and songs.


Visual Arts: Using felt, we started off with shapes that we set in pattern, moved on to drawing outlines of common objects to guess together as a class what each student had outlined (without including any details inside the image). We moved on to a shape hunt in the class, searching for different items that were made up of common shapes, as well as uncommon shapes.

Subject Teachers

 Qur’an: Alhamdullah, after Winter Break, we finished both Surat A-Duha and Surat A-Sharh, and we have just started Surat Al-Lail. 

Please keep in mind that it’s best to practice reciting and memorizing with Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar (go to and select Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, and then choose the Surah).  

Also please consider purchasing the “Tajweed Essentials” booklet. It will InshAllah be useful for the students’ quran reciting and memorization. 

 Tr. Samia Tarbah

French: We reviewed the entire French alphabet. We learned the pronouns, the vocabulary of school, animals and clothes. We have been doing lots of reading. – Tr. Said



 Gr. 1 A/B Arabic as a second language class: Students learned a lot of new lessons and Anasheeds. The first lesson is ” Ana wa oussrati” ( My family ) and the Nasheed related to the lesson, in which they learned the new words. The second lesson is ” Ana wa houjrati” ( My room ) and another nasheed related to the theme too, that includes the new words in the lesson. Students learned how to read and write all the new words.

 Now they are working on Mad Alya’a, and the difference between Kassrah and Mad. Alhamdulilaah every one in Gr. 1 is busy and productive.

Jazakum Allah Kheiran for helping in the homework folder.

                                                                                                        Tr. Hoda

Arabic speakers:

 We completed our “Clothing” unit. The students memorized the “Clothing Nasheed, they gained the unit’s vocabulary and learned new sentences. Read the letter with “sukoon”, work on “maad al-alef”. We did lots of different kinds of exercises about the unit.

We practiced reading. We took the time to sound out words in order for the child to be able to read on his/ her own. Thank you for your continuous support. In getting the homework done. Jazakum-Allah kheir for your hard work! – Tr. Salam

 Special Notes

Congratulations to the Student of the Month, masha’Allah:

Fatima Amer


Important Dates:

 Wednesday, February 16, Photo Day

Friday, February 18th is a P.D. Day.

Monday, February 21st is Family Day

Field trip(s) We are planning a couple of field trips,

coming soon, inshallah!

JUMP MATH UPDATE- We are waiting orders from grades 1A, 2 & 3 so I will aim to order the books by mid-February insha’Allah.


Jazak’Allahu Kheiran, and may your days be full of remembrance and gratefulness to our Creator! Remember to check out our classroom blog for great games and updates!