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Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for a great field trip & important notes!

Assalamu Allaykum everyone,

We had a great time at the Sugar Bush yesterday. A very sincere thanks to our volunteers who were very patient and kind to the kids!!

Pictures forthcoming insha’Allah!

Important Notes!

Homework will be sent home on Thursday, insha’Allah (the school’s main photocopier is out of order today!)

Math Help!!! Some students had a lot of trouble understanding number lines today in helping adding and subtracting. You will find their work in their school bags. This is the start of a new and more sophisticated addition/subtraction unit so there will be a steeper learning curve.

Bake Sale this Friday – please send something to sell if you can to help out SK for their graduation. Also, send your child with $2 – $5 dollars.

Report Cards also this Friday – The subject matter has increased in difficulty so you may notice that marks have either remained the same, or in many instances seem to have gone slightly “down” from last term. This does not mean that students are not improving, rather it is only a measure of how they are handling more difficult subject matter. Please remain positive with your child, as he/she is still young and usually trying their best!

Please check out a detailed article I posted last year for my grade two parents (also a useful blog to explore if your kids want some challenging games that are relevant to the Grade 2 Ontario curriculum!) :

Many thanks, and a great day to one and all.

Tr. Amira


Sugar Bush – Wear boots & snowpants!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

My little one was sick today so I was not there to remind the students to please wear snowpants tomorrow (though light jackets will be advisable because the temperature will go above zero insha’Allah)   … and boots.

It will likely be quite muddy, though we hope not too much.

Many thanks and insha’Allah we’ll have a great time!

Tr. Amira

Important announcements!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

Please return the permission slip for next Tuesday’s field trip tomorrow insha’Allah, or latest on Monday . It is at the back of the homework. (We need it, even if you had already sent one for the trip that was postponed).

Also, please note that SK is still collecting toys for a new toy sale. Believe me, any little things around your house that your kids don’t use anymore will be appreciated!  Just take a look!!

Finally, those who ordered JUMP Math workbooks can explore the actual teacher guides for free on the organization’s website. Just create a user account and go to “The Program” for resources. (It should work….)

We have covered addition, subtraction, mass and capacity this past term. You can review relevant pages with your child, as well as the basics in Book 1.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran!

Tr. Amira

Thank you; Spelling; March Break!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents!

First of all, a big jazak’Allahu Kheiran for all the treats sent to our class today for a spur-of-the moment party! The students were happy!

Second, most students are returning home with their spelling workbook. Please ensure that all their lessons are complete up until page 68.  The March Break should give them enough time to do whatever is missing.

Finally, enjoy your March Break!  I look forward to seeing our Rainbow Explorers happy and well-rested on March 21st insha’Allah.

Many thanks,

Tr. Amira

Field Trip Postponed!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents:

As you may have read on the front page of the homework, the field trip to the Sugar Bush has been postponed due to the weather.

Elhamdullilah we were able to rebook the trip for March 29th from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. insha’Allah.

If you are interested in volunteering for that date, please send me a note by email or writing to confirm. If I receive more volunteers than required, I will see if Tr. Asma’a needs any additional help.

Priority will be given to parents who have not yet had an opportunity to go on a field trip with our class, as well as priority on a first come, first serve basis. So please confirm ASAP if you are interested in volunteering on the new date.

Quick reminders: Photo packages and Pizza/Fatayer forms are due by Friday, March 11.

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran and enjoy the March Break with your child.

Extra! Extra! Read all about February with the Rainbow Explorers!

Friday, March 4th, 2011 – 29 Rabi Al’Awal 1432


Dear Students and Families,

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,


Teacher’s Message

We are coming close to wrapping up our second term, subhan’Allah! The students are that much closer to Grade Two. This means good study habits and class room behaviour should be at a high standard! School is getting serious, rainbow explorers!




Language:  We have begun learning about writing with detail. We had a great writing exercise with toys, writing about the descriptions of our toys. Later, we started exploring writing with strong verbs, describing a toy parade!


We have also begun using graphic organizers – ideas webs to help us organize what we want to write about!

We’ve also started a special reading program with the eighth graders from Teacher Fouad’s language class! Every two weeks, on Friday mornings, the older students come to our class to be our reading buddies. They help students read simple texts in a one-on-one setting in our classroom, as well as their class. So far, it is going well!


We continue to work on our oral and media literacy skills through our science presentations on our awesome animal houses!


Math: We’ve wrapped up our measurement unit this month, using non-standard units to guess and measure various heights and lengths. The students had a great time exploring the classroom with partners and in groups to measure all sorts of items using various things like connecting blocks, straws, and Popsicle sticks.


We’ve begun our introduction to addition and subtraction and we’ve already created fun number stories to help us understand basic addition and subtraction concepts!

Science: Just in time for our project on animal houses, we have begun our unit on structures. We’re finishing up the presentations and will begin exploring materials and various ways to use them for specific purposes.  In the meantime, we are really enjoying seeing and hearing about everyone’s science projects. Masha’Allah, the students were very creative!


Social Studies: We’ll spend more time creating our own little communities. The students will enjoy working together to making sure they have all the people and places necessary to make a community work!


Islamic Studies: We’ll finish up our unit on the Prophet Muhammad’s life, may peace be upon him, through stories, read-aloud, games and songs. We have focused on his early life and upbringing and will move on to the start of his prophetic mission.

Visual Arts: We continue to learn about colours, and how to create art that has a special meaning. For our anti-bullying day recently, students used drawings to express ideas on how to handle bullies, for example. We look forward to using various other colours, textures and techniques to enhance our artistic experiences.

Subject Teachers

Qur’an: This month, we finished Surat Al-Lail. We will Inshallah be starting Surat Al-Shames.

Please keep in mind that it’s best to practise reciting and memorizing with Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar (go to and select Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, and then choose the Surah).

– Tr. Samia Tarbah

French: We are finishing the unit “My Family”.  We are reading and writing the vocabulary related to this theme. Some students have shown improvement in their reading skills. We practised the vocabulary words, in order to be able to read and write them. Jazakum- Allah kheir.  Tr. Said

Arabic (fluent speakers): We finished reviewing all the vocabulary and language structures previously studied.  We began a new unit “The Family”.  We started our reading program to help strengthen the reading skills of the students, by trying to sound out and comprehend the materials being read.  Please encourage your child to read in order for the reading program to be effective and to show good results.  Jazakum Allah kheir for your cooperation. Tr. Salam

Arabic (as a second language): Students continued on practising Mad Alya’a, reading & writing. Our new lesson was about ” My Food “. They learned new Nasheed related to the lesson, new words ( reading , & writing). Insha’Allah we will have a project related to this topic as soon as the students understand and know how to read and write the new words.

Jazakum Allahu Kheiran for helping your child in the assigned  homework.                                                Tr. Hoda


Special Notes

Congratulations to the Student of the Month:

Khalil Ali Zadeh


Important Dates:

March 10 – Field Trip to the Sugar Bush

March Break – March 14 – 18

March 23rd –  Qur’an competition. Good luck to those who are competing!

April 1st – Report Cards go home


Jazak’Allahu Kheiran, and may your days be full of remembrance and gratefulness to our Creator! Remember to check out the games posted right here on the blog: