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Parent-Volunteers for this week’s field trip

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

I have contacted three of the parents who volunteered to confirm whether or not they can come to the trip on Thursday.

Parents of chidren who have never had either parent accompany them on a field trip took priority.

However, I am inquiring if there are extra seats for the performance for parents who still wish to meet us at the festival.

I will let those parents know insha’Allah.

All parents must be sure to send a bottle of water with their child on Thursday, as well as a wholesome lunch.

Thank you!

Tr. Amira



Great website + Surprise Bag!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

First, I’d like you all to check out this great website:

Of particular interest for our class is the book on Wudu.

Please read it with your child and go over the wudu with them as several students are challenged by the steps and could always use practice to reinforce our lessons    :  )

* * *

Other note: Surprise Bag for the End of the Year


We are creating a Suprise Bag to fill with little treats to share at the end of the school year.  Please feel free to donate any small items like balloons, little toys from the Dollar Store, etc.  The students will share the contents of the bag together to say goodbye on the last day of school (students who are leaving earlier, insha’Allah, can get their treat before they go!)

It’s been a great year, and we look forward to the final month ahead! Don’t forget to inform the school if you are planning to leave before the end of the school year!

Many thanks,

Tr. Amira

Math Unit Quiz tomorrow & other reminders

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

I pray you all had a restful long week-end.

We are wrapping our numeracy unit and many of the students were able to complete our last task. However, a number of students had difficulty with page 74 of their Math Book.

Just to be sure that the children understod the unit, I have sent home their mathbooks (of those who were struggling) today so that they can review that page. I will do a final quiz tomorrow to make sure they understand the required concepts.

Other Reminders

Please be sure that LIBRARY books are returned this week as the library is now preparing to shut down for the summer. All books must be returned insha’Allah.

I will be contacting parents who volunteered for the Festival to confirm whether or not they will be able to join us. We had more volunteers than we have space for, masha’Allah, so as always, priority will go to those parents who have not gone on trips before. The actual puppet show is likely sold out, but if parents really want to come to accompany us during other parts of the festival, they are certainly welcome to meet us there.

Thanks for all your support. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran.

Tr. Amira

News for April & Looking Ahead

  May 3rd, 2011

Dear Students and Families,

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

The countdown to the end of school is now on! Two months to go before our students say good-bye to school for the summer! Much to do in the coming months; they will be busier than ever! For this newsletter, I will highlight the remaining strands in each of the subject areas. Please read carefully and refer to throughout the term. We will do our best to cover all these areas, insha’Allah.




Oral Communication

reflect on and identify their strengths as listeners and speakers, areas for

improvement, and the strategies they found most helpful in oral communication



reflect on and identify their strengths as readers, areas for improvement, and

the strategies they found most helpful before, during, and after reading;


reflect on and identify their strengths as writers, areas for improvement, and the

strategies they found most helpful at different stages in the writing process;

Media Literacy

reflect on and identify their strengths as media interpreters and creators, areas

for improvement, and the strategies they found most helpful in understanding.

Currently: The students are writing books, using first, second and third drafts in some cases to ensure a great story. We are also preparing our end of year celebration play, which will be based on the story “The Prince who Wrote a Letter.”


Number Sense and Numeration

read, represent, compare, and order whole numbers to 50, and use concrete

materials to investigate fractions and money amounts;

Geometry and Spatial Sense

identify common two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures and sort

and classify them by their attributes;

compose and decompose common two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional


describe the relative locations of objects using positional language;

Data Management and Probability

describe the likelihood that everyday events will happen.

Currently:We are wrapping up our addition and subtraction strategies and will go on to the remainder of the Number Sense strand.


Understanding Matter and Energy: Energy in Our Lives

assess uses of energy at home, at school, and in the community, and suggest

ways to use less energy;

investigate how different types of energy are used in daily life;

demonstrate an understanding that energy is something that is needed to make

things happen, and that the sun is the principal source of energy for the earth.

 Currently: We are beginning this unit now, after wrapping up our unit on Structures.

 Social Studies:

Relationships, Rules, Responsibilities

Construct and read concrete, pictorial and simple maps, graphs, charts,

diagrams and timelines to clarify and present information about rules,

responsibilities in their daily lives.

Use appropriate vocabulary (change, rights, roles, cooperating, courtesy)

Order a sequence of event to show how responsibilities and rules change over

the course of time (school day, new events, etc.)


Islamic Studies:

Know the elements of prayer – timings, wudu;

Reflect on the stories of Prophet Nuh and Sulaiman (A);

Reflect on the story of prophet Yunes (A) and the teachings learned from it.

 Health & Physical Education:

Healthy Living

recognize commonly used medicines and household products;

Fundamental Movement Skills

demonstrate the principles of movement using locomotion/traveling,

manipulation, and stability skills.


Produce two- and three-dimensional works of art that communicate ideas

(thoughts, feelings, experiences) for specific purposes.

 Currently: The students are working on designs for their storybooks.

 Subject Teachers


We are about to finish Surat Al Balad. We will Inshallah be starting Surat Al Fajr.

Please keep in mind that it’s best to practice reciting and memorizing with Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar (go to and select Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, and then choose the Surah). – Tr. Samia



We have talked about school supplies and we learned vocabulary related to this theme . We practised the vocabulary words . Student learned to express their likes and dislikes using simple sentences . We are concentrating our efforts on improving our writing and reading skills . – Tr. Said

 Arabic as a second language:

Students learned new lesson ” Marwah Wa Oussratuha”, new vocabularies, sentences, and how to read and write them in a nice handwriting. They learned as well Madd ” Al-wow”.They did an activity related to their names and they wrote sentences about the family. The Arabic Festival was a success Alhamdulilah , Jazakum Alllahu Kheiran for your excellent job Grade 1 🙂 – Tr. Hoda

 Arabic speakers:

We completed our unit “Ana wa ta’ami” (Me and my food). The students learned the vocabulary related to food, and the etiquette of eating. The students also had a chance to practice reading words and sentences related to food. We practiced by doing many exercises in which the students had to put words in order to make good sentences. Students used the vocabulary in many different ways. We memorized the nasheedsTaaami futuri” (My breakfast meal), “Nam ana?” (who am I?), and “Maa hiya” (What is it?).

– Tr. Salam

 Special Notes

 Congratulations to the Student of the Month:

Rayyan Mojaddedi

 Fundraisng successful – still more is needed! Elhamdullilah we have raised money for a variety of important causes this year – Pakistan, Libya, Sadaqa Food Bank (which continues this week!), and the SK graduation. Keep a look out for the upcoming Toy Sale for the children on Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Also, keep a look out for Abraar’s School Fundraising Dinner!

Reading Circle: Sr. Madlien continues to charm our students with weekly storytelling and literacy activities related to “My Father’s Dragon”. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your support!

June field trip: We have booked a visit to the Ottawa International Children’s Festival on Thursday, June 2nd from 10:30 a.m. Until 3 p.m. Insha’Allah. The show we will see is called ZooZoo. For more information visit the website:

We will be sending the permission slips soon. We look forward to it! (If another field trip is doable for May, both me and Tr. Asma’a of Grade 1A will send out the info.)

 Jazak’Allahu Kheiran, and may your days be full of remembrance and gratefulness to our Creator!

Tr. Amira