Math Unit Quiz tomorrow & other reminders

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

I pray you all had a restful long week-end.

We are wrapping our numeracy unit and many of the students were able to complete our last task. However, a number of students had difficulty with page 74 of their Math Book.

Just to be sure that the children understod the unit, I have sent home their mathbooks (of those who were struggling) today so that they can review that page. I will do a final quiz tomorrow to make sure they understand the required concepts.

Other Reminders

Please be sure that LIBRARY books are returned this week as the library is now preparing to shut down for the summer. All books must be returned insha’Allah.

I will be contacting parents who volunteered for the Festival to confirm whether or not they will be able to join us. We had more volunteers than we have space for, masha’Allah, so as always, priority will go to those parents who have not gone on trips before. The actual puppet show is likely sold out, but if parents really want to come to accompany us during other parts of the festival, they are certainly welcome to meet us there.

Thanks for all your support. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran.

Tr. Amira

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