“Grade One Country project”



This time our presentations will take us on a tour around the world, each child will have a chance to talk about his/her favourite country (it does not have to be his/her country of origin), I would like your full support and help in assisting your child in deciding on his/her favourite country.

Your child will be asked to make a poster which will mainly have the country’s name, map, where it is located, the flag, and important information that your child might feel he/she wants to add… pictures will be great… all of this will be used as a visual-aid!!!

I do require your full support, in order for this project to be a successful one. The students can go to the library (which is extremely useful and fun), as well as/or surf the internet for information about their chosen country.

The students will have a couple of minutes to present (please encourage your child to present the information, not read it) the following information orally (any other information your child might want to add, is going to be more than welcome, keeping in mind that the students are only in grade one):

Assalamu-alaikum my friends!
My favourite country is_____________.

It is located in ______________________. (Mention the continent)
This is the flag of __________, it is ___________________. (Mention the colours)
This is the map of___________. (Pointing)
They speak ______________ in _______________. (Mention the language)

_______________________________. (something interesting about the country)

Any other information will be appreciated. (may be showing and talking about the pictures… talking about food… talking about clothes they wear…)

Then they will be given a chance to answer five questions their classmates might have for them.

Please help (only help out, please) your child create something as a visual aid, a poster with pictures about the country (magazine picture, print out, drawing, etc.) and the information required. Please make sure that the name of your child is on all his/her work. 

I know that this might be challenging for some students, but I am sure everyone can do it, if he or she tries hard enough, inshallah!

Please feel free to contact me by email , sending me a comment directly here (which I do not have to post publicly) or by phone and/or by writing me a note if you have any concerns.

Jazakum-Allah kheir,

Teacher Amira

***NOTE: The poster is due on each child’s presentation day, inshallah!!!

(Please find the schedulewith the homework package.)

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  • Karine Devost  On June 3, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    thank you.

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