Important Updates!

Assalamu Allaykum dear parents,

As you may know, the students are gearing up for the End-of-Year Celebration this Friday night insha’Allah.

Our class will be performing the story “The Prince Who Wrote a Letter”.

Thanks to those who have already sent along props to go with the play. Our dress rehearsal will be on Friday morning (there will be an early dismissal, too).

Please note that I have spoken to Teacher Asma’a, the organizer of the event, and she has agreed:

Our class does not need  to wear uniforms before or after the performances. So students please come to school with your costume on (but keep props in a bag).  Children can change if they choose to after their performance.

Please ask your child what their role is, and if they need any help with their costume.  Soldiers should be wearing light coloured shirts and dark pants.

If anyone has some aluminum foil to spare, please also send it to school with your child.

It would be great to have one or two parent volunteers the night of the event to help out. Please email me if you are interested or comment here.


Housekeeping notes:

I have found a JUMP Math Book Part 2 in the class. None of the students said it was theirs, but if you notice your child is missing theirs, please let me know.

Drawing / Writing Contest about our field trip to the Children’s Festival

The Children’s Festival is inviting all students who attended a show this year to draw or write about their experience for a contest.

The winner will win a free day at the festival next year, insha’Allah. As I know we have a very talented class, el hamdullilah, please consider working on something with your child by next Tuesday, June 21.

I will collect all the entries and mail it to the school coordinator, insha’Allah.


Tr. Amira

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